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Spinal Needles

Item #DescriptionUOM
DBU SQ2290LCQuincke Tip, 22G x 3.5”25/BX
DBU SQ2590LCQuincke Tip, 25G x 3.5”25/BX
DBU SQ22125LCQuincke Tip, 22G x 5” 25/BX
DBU SQ25125LCQuincke Tip, 25G x 5”25/BX
DBU SQ22180LCQuincke Tip, 22G x 7” 25/BX
BBR 333320Spinocan® Quincke, 22G x 3.5”, Clear Hub 50/CS
BBR 333315Spinocan® Quincke, 22G x 4.75”, Procedural 50/CS
BBR 333313Spinocan® Quincke, 25G x 3.5”, Clear Hub 50/CS
BBR 333308Spinocan® Quincke, 25G x 4.75”, Procedural 50/CS
BEC 405181Quincke, 22G x 3.5”, Black, Sterile 100/CS
BEC 405180Quincke, 25G x 3.5”, Blue, Sterile 25/BX

Epidural Needles

DBU ET1890LCTuohy Tip, 18G x 3.5”, Fixed Wing25/BX
DBU ET2090LCTuohy Tip, 20G x 3.5”, Fixed Wing 25/BX
DBU ET18155LCTuohy Tip, 18G x 6”, Fixed Wing 25/BX
DBU ET20155LCTuohy Tip, 20G x 6”, Fixed Wing25/BX
DBU ET1890DLCTuohy Tip, 18G x 3.5”, Detachable Wing 25/BX
DBU ET2090DLCTuohy Tip, 20G x 3.5”, Detachable Wing 25/BX
DBU ET17125DLCTuohy Tip, 17G x 5”, Detachable Wing 25/BX
DBU ET18125DLCTuohy Tip, 18G x 5”, Detachable Wing 25/BX
BBR 332160Perifix® Tuohy, 18G x 6”, Clear Hub & Wings 25/CS
POR 491122Portex® Tuohy, 22G x 3.5”, Clear Hub & Wings 10/BX

Hypodermic Needles

BEC 305109PrecisionGlide®, 27G x 0.5”, Gray Hub, Sterile 100/BX