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Item #DescriptionUOM
BEC 306545BD® Posiflush™ Sodium Chloride, 0.9% Prefilled Syringe, IV Flush Solution, 5mL (PF)30/Box
NDC# 50419018837Magnevist® (Gadopentetate Dimeglumine), Prefilled Syringe, 469.01mg/mL, 15mL5/Box
NDC# 00517560125Hydroxyzine HCl, 50mg/mL, 1mL (SDV) Each
NDC# 00409427902Lidocaine HCl 1%, 10mg/mL, 30mL (SDV) (PF) 25/Box
NDC# 63323049527Xylocaine® – MPF 2%, 20mg/mL, 2mL (SDV) (PF) 25/Box
NDC# 00409115902Bupivacaine HCl 0.25%, 2.5mg/mL, 30mL (SDV) (PF) 25/Box
NDC# 00641610325Robaxin® (Methocarbamol), 100mg/mL, 10mL (SDV) (PF) Each
NDC# 25021066205Rocuronium Bromide, 10mg/mL, 5mL (MDV) (PF) Each
NDC# 00143978410Flumazenil, 0.1mg/mL, 5mL (MDV) 10/Box
NDC# 00409469930Propofol 1%, 10mg/mL, 20mL (SDV) 5/Box
NDC# 00641149635Promethazine HCl, 50mg/mL, 1mL (Ampule) Each
NDC# 24208000202Vitrase® Enzyme Hyaluronidase, Ovine, 200 units/mL, 1.2mL (SDV) (PF)Each
NDC# 63323050601Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate, Corticosteroid, 10mg/mL, 1mL (MDV) (PF)25/Pack
NDC# 00409379601Ketorolac Tromethamine, 30 mg/mL, 2mL (SDV) (PF)25/Pack
NDC# 00270131525Isovue®-300 61% (Iopamidol), 30mL10/Box
NDC# 00407141230Omnipaque® 240 (Iohexol), 240mg/mL, +PlusPak Polymer Bottle, 50mL10/Box
NDC# 00085432001Celestone® Soluspan®, 6mg/mL, 5mL (MDV)Each
NDC# 00009307303Depo-Medrol®, 40mg/mL, 1mL (SDV)25/Box
NDC# 00003029328Kenalog®-40, 40mg/mL, 10mL (MDV)Each
NDC# 00409121501Naloxone HCl, 0.4mg/mL, 10mL (SDV)10/Pack